The Yoga Center

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This page is dedicated to the Yogi people in my life that inspire me with their dedication & love of yoga and the ability to share their strength, grace, & even vulnerabilities! Check out their websites for inspiration.

Jennie Peterson
The Yoga Center in Butte Mt was started by Jennie as she & her family literally built the studio & massage room about five years ago.  She cultivated a space of community, love, & amazing yoga classes! We continue to honor & respect the business she started before stepping out of her comfort zone & moving to Kauai! Check out her website to see where her journey has taken her! Inspiring!

Ella Luckett
Ella is the owner of Jai Yoga Arts in Brooklyn NY.  She has been teaching yoga for 15 years & also runs a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program both in Brooklyn & abroad.  Her love of yoga, meditation, & community is abundant. You are in for a special treat to take a class, workshop, or teacher training from her or those she has trained. She is pure love!

Monica Rollins
Monica is a New York City based yoga instructor. Her many fun photos of outdoor poses and continuing progress pictures are so motivating & inspiring.  Monica shares her strengths and reminds us that yoga is a practice, that no matter how far you are into your yoga journey, there will always be struggles & breakthroughs. Practice, practice, practice! 

Meghan Currie
Meghan travels the world teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings and workshops. Her loving energy is abundant and her style of flow yoga is mesmerizing! Look for her videos on YouTube and prepare to be amazed!