Ashtanga Blend

Ashtanga inspired class designed to link breath and movement together, while creating heat and challenging the body and mind. This class will increase your strength as you continue to grow fit & flexible. (Intermediate class but all levels are welcome)



The Sanskrit word Hatha, “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha) is interpreted as “the yoga of balance”. Hatha yoga finds the balance between ease and strength while focusing on the alignment of each pose. Excellent for beginner students who want to learn postures and is recommended for more advanced students that want to deepen their understanding of each pose. (All levels welcome)


Vinyasa Flow With Backbends

Traditional Vinyasa flow with progressive backbends and counter poses. Modifications will be offered for beginner and intermediate students. Level I & II



Fit-Flow is designed to link breath and movement together, while creating heat and challenging the body and mind. This class will increase your strength as you continue to grow fit & flexible. (Intermediate class but modifications will be offered for Level I & III)


Liquid Asana

This class links postures together in a fluid manner to generate heat and connect the mind with the breath. Focused on proper alignment, this class is geared towards any level and offers modifications for both beginner and advanced practitioners. (All levels welcome)


Happy Hour Flow

This class is an energized flow, inspired with intentional, upbeat music. Choreographed to energize and balance the chakra systems. Vinyasa before vino will get ready for your weekend by igniting from within!


Relax And Restore

Gentle and restorative, this class is designed to calm the nervous system & restore the body. In this class the postures are held for longer time to deepen the breath and be more present. (All levels welcome)


Yin And Yang

90 minutes of both Fit Flow and Restorative. The first 45 minutes are Vinyasa style flow followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga to cap off the evening. Please join us for this delicious new class alternated by our new instructors Cami and Victorian!



An hour long class based upon the Classic Mat Pilates exercises originally created by Joseph Pilates. This class is designed for all fitness levels. Every exercise focuses on reestablishing healthy movement patterns, strengthening the core, realigning the spine and and balancing your posture. Pilates empowers you with the tools to attain and maintain a healthy mind and a body. Move better, live better!


Giri Bala Flow

Vinyasa flow class, moving smoothly through sun salutations and a few holding poses. Named after the lady saint who never ate, this class is for dedicated practitioners who choose asana over food for their lunch hour!




Coming Soon!

Special Events

Establishing A Daily Meditation Practice

A Meditation Workshop at The Yoga Center
+ 22-day virtual Workshop

Summer is a great time to establish a new practice! With supportive local instruction, discover for yourself how meditation can benefit both body and mind.

Available workshops include:

At The Yoga Center:
An in-person workshop on meditation from a yogic perspective. You will learn the basics of classical yoga philosophy and how meditation fits into this framework. You will be advised on your meditation posture, shown alternative postures, and learn techniques and tips to prepare for meditation, feel good while meditating, and enjoy your practice. Investment: $25

Two options:

  • Friday May 31 at 5:30-6:30pm
  • Saturday June 1 at 12:00-1:00pm

Via email:
Virtual meditation guidance: For 22 days, beginning Sunday June 2, you will receive a brief email with inspiration and gentle, progressive guidance to help you build your own independent meditation practice. Investment: $60

Price for both workshops: $75


Anna Nugent

This workshop was inspired by Anna’s yoga teacher training studies, particularly with the influence of two of her teachers, Rolf Sovic of The Himalayan Institute and Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine®. Anna is a 500hr Yoga Alliance Certified teacher with advanced training. She completed both the 200hr and 500hr teacher certifications at The Himalayan Institute. In 2018, Anna began a second 500hr training with Yoga Medicine® as a therapeutic specialist. In addition to meditation, Anna teaches alignment-based yoga in several styles: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative/Yin, and Therapeutic Yoga.

The Yoga Center
14 S Dakota St, Butte

Additional Offerings

Hosted by Butte Hand Drum, and led by Michael McDanial. Schedule alternates weekly between Drumming Meditation and Drum Group. All are welcome to attend and participate. If you don’t drum, come share in the love with meditation and/or let the music move you.
~ (By Donation)

Dharma Practice:
Buddhist Meditation & Teaching Sunday mornings 10:00-11:30.
Meditation followed by a discussion of the week. All are welcome.
~ (By Donation)