The Yoga Center

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Lunch Yoga: This class is perfect to rejuvenate your mind & body mid-day.  Classes are 45 minutes. All levels welcome! 

Flow: This class will create heat and challenge the body and mind as you are led through poses flowing from one to the next. As this class is challenging, it is designed with beginners in mind & more rest than the Fit Flow. All are welcome!

Fit Flow Yoga: This class is designed to bring breath & movement together as one while creating heat & challenging the body & mind.  This class will increase your strength as you continue to grow fit & flexible. This class is intermediate but all levels are welcome!

Rest & Restore Yoga: This is a gentle yoga class designed to calm the nervous system & restore the body. Holding & settling into poses for a longer time. Slowing the breath down & becoming present. Feel like a new person after this deliciously sweet class.

Hatha Yoga: This is a complete Hatha Yoga practice designed to strengthen &  stretch around each joint to support both stability and mobility, as well as reduce pain and stiffness. 


Classic Pilates is designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, as well as increase overall well being.  In every mat class the focus is on the five guiding principles of Pilates: concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision, and flowing movement.  For any questions & prices call Jess Drew Carr @ 406-640-0850.