The Yoga Center

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Beginning this February 2019 we will be introducing a new class titles Yin and Yang. This class will be a 90 minutes long. The first 45 minutes will be a Vinyasa style flow followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga to cap off the evening.

Our new instructors Cami and Victorian will be rotationally teaching this class so that our students can get a taste of different instructing styles without altering their schedules. 

Lunch Yoga

This is a 45 minute class for anyone and everyone who needs a quick yoga fix in between shifts! This class is perfect spike energy levels and rejuvenate your mind.

 (All levels welcome)

Vinyasa Flow

The Yoga Center offers these “Flow” classes as an introduction into the yoga style “Vinyasa.” Vinyasa is essentially linking movement and breath.

This is a 60 minute class that links postures together in a fluid manner to generate heat and connect the mind with the breath. This class is geared towards any level and offers modifications for both beginner and advanced practitioners

(All levels welcome)

Fit Flow Yoga 

This is a 60 minute class that is designed to bring breath & movement together as one while creating heat & challenging the body & mind.  This class will increase your strength as you continue to grow fit & flexible. 

(Intermediate class but all levels are welcome)

Rest & Restore Yoga 

This is 60 minute gentle restorative yoga class taught by Tessi designed to calm the nervous system & restore the body. In this class the postures are held for longer time to slow down the breath and become more present. You will feel brand new after this class!

(All levels welcome)

Hatha Yoga                                                                                                                                                        The Sanskrit word Hatha meaning unstruck coins its name from the unwavering stability hatha style brings to the body. Hatha yoga finds the balance between ease and strength while focusing on the alignment of each pose. This class is a 60 minute class taught by Anna and is excellent for beginner students who want to learn postures and is also recommended for more advanced students that want to deepen their understanding of each pose.                                    (All levels welcome)

Yin & Yang (New Class Starting February 2019!)

This is a new class coming to The Yoga Center that offers 90 minutes of both Fit Flow and restorative. The first 45 minutes will be a Vinyasa style flow followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga to cap off the evening. Please join us for this delicious new class offered by our new instructors Cami and Victorian!


Classic Pilates

This is a 60 minute class designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body, as well as increase overall well being.  In every mat class the focus is on the five guiding principles of Pilates: concentration, centering, control, breathing, precision, and flowing movement.  

For any questions & prices call Jess Drew Carr @ 406-640-0850